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Network infrastructure provides the communication path and services between users, processes, applications, services and internal (Intranet) or external (Internet) networks. Network infrastructure refers to the entire network that enables network connectivity, communication, operations and management of private or an enterprise small or large scale networks.

Network infrastructure is typically part of the IT infrastructure found in most enterprise IT environments. The entire network infrastructure is interconnected, and can be used for internal communications, external communications or both.

A typical network infrastructure includes Cables, Network Switches, Routers, PC’s, Servers, Network Security Devices, CCTV, Access Control, Wireless Access Points and controllers, Network Management System, Printers, Video conferencing system, etc.

To meet the demand of most reliable, cost effective and higher performance oriented network infrastructure products in Information Technology, Telecommunication field and SOHO (Small Office or Home Office), we have tie up with some of the market leading manufacturer and providing up to latest new technological various products to suit our clients requirements.

Our product range for Network Infrastructure covers wide range of products including Fast Ethernet / Gigabit Layer-2 Managed & Unmanaged Switches including option for PoE support, Layer-3 switches, Routers, Network Security Products, etc.